Just Getting Good (music & film download)

by Val Vigoda

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    releases December 9, 2016

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    digital album releases December 9, 2016
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Just Getting Good
Level Up
Hard Times Come Again No More
If You Believe
So in Love with You
Larger Than Life
Thaw / Irish Lullaby
The End of the Beginning (from Wheelhouse)
Coming Home / Rocket Man
Little Bird / Blackbird


This is the entire album in downloadable audio format, along with the videos for each song.


releases December 9, 2016


I'm absolutely elated to be launching Just Getting Good and getting it out into the world. It's about courage, authenticity, centeredness, boldness, and love… and, since recording this concert, huge changes in my life have challenged my assumptions about all of those. I planned this project feeling like everything in my life had been leading up to this moment: my unique, somewhat oddball skill set, my trusted collaborators, and everything I’ve learned about music, technology, and connecting with an audience. It felt like a powerful, joyous culmination of the last two decades.
And then, in the time between recording and release, nearly everything that I’d thought was certain turned out not to be: marriage, home, the city I live in, booking agent, manager, school for my son… so many of the tentpoles of life have fallen, making way for new ones to eventually take their place.
Though at first I reacted with confusion, anger and sadness, what all this has guided me to is a new attention to spirituality. And over time, with the support of many friends, I have felt my gratitude soar — as well as my capacity for love, acceptance, personal awareness and presence. In midlife, I feel I've just begun this journey… and so the timing of this release, though it's very different from what I had originally planned, actually seems perfect to me.
When I was born, my parents named me Valerie, meaning "valor" or "courage"; and I found out recently that the true, original meaning of courage is to "tell your story from the heart" (from the French "coeur").
Now, more than ever before, I'm ready to do that — starting here with this collection of songs, and honoring what's beautiful about the past in order to grow into an even more beautiful future.



September 2016
Seattle, WA
releases November 21, 2016

Vocals, Electric Violin, Pedals, Percussion, Keys: Valerie Vigoda
Arrangements, Ableton Live Programming, Typical Record Producer Stuff: Brendan Milburn
Live Concert Direction: Makaela Pollock
Sound Design & Recording: Chris Luessmann
Video Projection Design: Jason Thompson
Lighting Design: Pablo Santiago-Brandwein
Set Design: Sibyl Wickersheimer
Costume Design: Ann Closs-Farley
Hair & Makeup: Cristina Waltz
Hair Color: Meli Batimana
Multi-Cam Director of Photography & Editor: Paul Wojciak
Additional Camera Operators: Willy Laszlo, Landis Stokes
Set Assistant: McLeod Benson
Electricians: Catherine Sowa & Phillip Powers
Kickstarter Consultant, Photography, Cat-Herding: David Rodwin
Post-Gig Cocktail Creation: Christopher Fülling
Audio Editing: Ben Tolliday
Audio Mixing & Mastering: Ben Wisch
Graphic Design: Christopher Frederick
All-Around Invaluable Assistance: Adriana Colón
Camera Operator for Bonus Interview: Paul Weatherman

Recorded live at Circle X Theatre, Atwater Crossing, Los Angeles, CA Dec 11-13, 2014.


Richard Aaron, Annette Adamska, William Adler, John-Mark Agosta, Greg Allen, Karen Allendoerfer, Matt Almos, Jonathan Alvear, Erika Amato, Eric Amick, Paley Anderson, Dale Anderson, Michelle Aptman, Denise Arsenault, Jonathan Asculai, Bevin Ashenmiller, Kevin Bannerman, Laurie Barilla, Liza Baron, Rachel Barreca, Doug Barry, Hannah Barudin, Julie Barudin Cole, Christine Skultety Bateman, Annette Bauer, Paula Beck, Steve Beckta, Jimmy Ray Bennett, Lindsay Berg, Merle Berman, Paul Berman, Mary Ellen Bernard, Sheri Biller, Mary Beth & Bob Blackmon & Clare Cat, Marty Bloch, Scott Bloom, Rob & Terry Bond, Cheryl Booton, Carl Boyer, David Bradley, Gary Braitman, Vianei Braun, David Brenner, Lisa Brewer, J. 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Val proudly plays Mark Wood Viper six-string electric violins.



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Val Vigoda Glendale, California

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